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Find out what's new on our shelves.  

As gluten free awareness increases, more cool, interesting, and delicious food options become available.  

We love trying new things, and hope you find some new favorites along the way.  

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Host Defense Mushrooms

Supplements Supporting Natural Immunity and Whole Body Wellness.


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Mellow Mood 
Peach Raspberry

Marley's  award-winning drink made with decaffeinated black tea, fruity peach and raspberry flavors, and a hint of passion fruit

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Colloidial Silver

Silver Wings has provided customers with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade of colloidal silver with potencies of colloidal silver such as 50 PPM, 250 PPM, 500 PPM, 125 PPM Colloidial Silver with Aloe and Tea Tree Oil Spray and 150 PPM Colloidial Silver Herbal Tincture with Oregano and Echinacea.



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White Chocolate 

Activated Superfood

A wonderful mix of raw cashews, sprouted almonds and live probiotics covered in sweet, clear agave, cacao butter, crushed cacao nibs, coconut flour and vanilla. This delicious coating adds a bit of chewiness to the mouthwatering, crunchy nut medley.  

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Sweet & Spicy Ranch

Dig your hands into a bag of our new sweet and spicy ranch chips. The flavor combinations are so good, you'll being eating these by the handful.

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Tea-rrific Ice Cream

Matcha Green Tea and Lavender Blueberry.  From your first bite, we are certain you will agree that our ice cream is some of the most uniquely delicious ice cream you will ever taste! 


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That's It Bar

All natural fruit bars made from  100% REAL FRUIT,,.and only 2 ingredients: Apples and Bananas!  Seriously, That's it!

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Toasted Pecan Cookies

Watch out, Pecan Sandie. The new Toasted Pecan Crunchy Cookies are comin' for ya.  Paleo-friendly, Free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, and corn.

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Just Ranch

Bright, creamy, and savory - the classic dressing that is just as good on salad as it is on pizza.

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Louisville Vegan Jerky

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co jerky is an all vegan healthy high protein snack.  Smoked Black Pepper, Maple Bacon, and Carolina BBQ.  

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Helps neutralize alcohol metabolites. Provides broad-spectrum nutrients designed to combat free radicals, neutralize alcohol metabolites such as acetaldehyde, and support healthy liver function.

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Fire Drops

Drop Kick Your Cold!

The first throat lozenge to contain cayenne pepper. Cayenne is a time-tested folk remedy for the common cold, primarily because it attacks the virus head-on.

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Matt's Munchies

A tropical sensation in every bite...and only 90 calories! Sophisticated all natural Premium Fruit Snacks that are made with pure, wholesome ingredients – you can really taste the difference!

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Toasted Quinoa

Toasted quinoa boasts a nuttier flavor and fluffier texture than all other boil-and-cook quinoas on the market. The product is a nod to the traditional way of preparing quinoa in Bolivia ( phisara) – pre-toasting the seeds before cooking them to bring out the richest flavor. Once cooked, the quinoa retains its toasted, nutty flavor (with flavor notes similar to toasted sesame and nut butter)..  

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Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Cups, only better and so delicious!  Our Dark Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Cup Bites are high protein, high fiber and have ground chia and flaxseed for omega-3s. They're healthy, but best of all - they taste amazing! 

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Horebound Blend

Herbs for Kids

Horehound Blend contains herbs that strengthen the lungs, reduce bronchial inflammation and aid expectoration, helping to open the airways for easier breathing. Horehound Blend is useful for chronic lung conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and low grade respiratory congestion. 

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Smash Mallow Cinnamon Churro

Simple ingredients, whipped to perfection.

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Better Than...

Noodles, Pasta, Rice

Healthy and tasty pasta, noodles and rice alternative. Gluten free, Vegan, Low Glycemic Index, Organic, High Fiber    .

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Pizza Dough

Gluten-free and vegan doesn’t have to be bland! 

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Pascha Chocolate Chips

Dairy-free, nut-free, peanut-free, wheat/gluten-free, soy-free, chocolate and white chocolate chips.

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Finally, a dairy-free, delicious substitute for half & half. Made from almonds and coconuts, clean ingredients, and all unsweetened.

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Manuka Honey Lozenges

Because of the manuka honey, these lozenges not only help to soothe a sore throat but also fight your cold naturally.

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Bumble Bar

Original energy bar. Amazing Almond.  Organic sesame bar, gluten free,  

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Broccoli Bites

Your mom was right! Broccoli is great for you! Tossed in a light dressing of seeds, nuts, herbs and spices and then gently air-crisp for the maximum nutritional potency of the raw broccoli.

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Yerba Mate Loose Tea

From an organic family farm in northern Argentina. Dried with a unique smoke-free process for a smooth, clean taste. 


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100% Recycled Bath Tissue - 12 pack

This bathroom tissue is free of dyes, inks and fragrances. It is recycled without chlorine or bleaching. 250 2-ply sheets per roll.  

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Dried Plums

Tree-ripened to wrinkly perfection in warm, sun-soaked skies. They’re soft, sweet and loaded with top-notch nutrition. So don’t put these babies in the corner.

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Sugar Free Dry Rubbed Bacon

Humanely raised, all-vegetarian diet, antibiotic free, dry rubbed with sea salt and spices to bring out its genuine flavor.

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GeeFree Puff Pastry

For sweet or savory desserts, appetizers, or meals, this puff pastry is a perfect gluten free alternative.

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Surf Sweets Valentine's Pack

Lightly sugared all natural Fruity Hearts are fruity, sweet, and irresistibly fun, bursting with cherry and watermelon flavors. Made with organic sweeteners and organic fruit juice,

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Go Avo Avocado Spreads

A delicious new avocado-based condiment made from all-natural ingredients for a fresh and tangy flavor.  Regular or Chipotle.

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Sound Sparkling Tea Chamomile, Rose, Yerba Mate

Unsweetened. Sparkling. Tea.  Made with the best and fewest possible ingredients.

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Daiya Dressings

Deliciously dairy-free. Rich and creamy deliciousness without dairy, gluten, soy or eggs. Enjoy all the goodness of plant-based ingredients with dressing you can drizzle over your favorite salads or serve as a dipping sauce for a refreshing crudité.

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Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting

Rich Chocolate or authentic Madagascar Vanilla. Made with coconut oil and sustainable palm shortening. Whipped creamy texture that's easy to spread. Sweetened with Monk Fruit for half the sugar and carbohydrates.

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Grain-Free Granola     Cocoa, Original & Vanilla Berry  

From the rich flavors of pure cocoa powder and sea salt, to the sweet and flavorful double helpings of pure vanilla to the signature mix of crunchy nuts and seeds.

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Quinoa Meals

Basil Pesto or Jalapeno & Roasted Peppers

A savory gluten free, healthier alternative than your average on-the-go meal. Wake up your taste buds with a delicious blend of basil and pine nuts or a healthy alternative to spice foods with jalapeño and roasted red peppers.  

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Pit Paste

You could eat this stuff! (But we suggest rubbing it on your smelly pits, not your morning toast!) This is not an antiperspirant, but you wouldn't know it because it keeps you dry.

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Evolve Protein Shake

Dairy, Soy, Gluten-Free. 20 grams of protein.

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CannaFX 21

Possibly the most effective non-drug anti-inflammatory product available today. CannaFX 21 offers greater action against inflammation than anti-inflammatory drugs like cortisone or ibuprofen, and with no known side effects.

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Emu Oil Vermont

Moisturizer, Pain Stuff, Shampoo. Emu Oil is highly moisturizing and nurturing to your skin, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and has a host of therapeutic applications.

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VerMints - Cinnamints

Transform bland days with a healthy dose of BAM! courtesy of VerMints Organic Cinnamon mints. Equal parts sweet and spicy, and hands down the zestiest way to add pep to your day.  

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EO Relax


Calming and soothing to help you wind down. This synergistic essential oil blend of Lavender, Lavandin, Orange, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense will help you relax.

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  Halo Top

Chocolate Almond Crunch

One of 11 varieties we have in stock.  Halo Top is an amazing creation.  Delicious, creamy, high in protein, low in calories.  Eating ice cream never felt so good.

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Karen's Naturals
  Just Fruit Salad

Nothing’s tastier than a big bowl of sweet, luscious fruit salad. Picked fresh and dried at low temperatures to preserve flavor and essential nutrients, Just Fruit Salad makes a delightfully crunchy treat

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